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Microsoft, Intel Team Up to Clamp Down on Cryptominers

A powerful hardware-based threat detection technology is being integrated into a Microsoft enterprise security product to help protect businesses from cryptojacking malware. The move, which integrates Intel Threat Detection Technology with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, was announced Monday in a blog written by Karthik Selvaraj, principal research manager for Microsoft 365’s Defender Research Team. “Microsoft’s

Cybercops Scrub Botnet Software From Millions of Computers

The notorious Emotet botnet software began uninstalling itself from some one million computers Sunday. According to SecurityWeek, the uninstall command was part of an update sent to the infected computers by law enforcement servers in the Netherlands after Emotet’s infrastructure was compromised in January during a multinational operation mounted by eight nations. The poisoned upgrade

How Fixable Is the Unsafe Internet?

The larger the Internet superhighway of information grows; the more users get run over by privacy abuses and stolen data. If only we could rebuild the Internet’s infrastructure to make data’s journey safer and more secure is a common cry of IT and cybersecurity experts. Some efforts are underway to mitigate the privacy and data

Hacker Recycles Data on Half a Billion Facebook Users

A rich cache of data on some 533 million Facebook users was posted to a hacker forum over the weekend and is available to download for practically free. The information is from a data breach that occurred in 2019, but hasn’t been widely available until now. The data was posted to an English-speaking cybercriminal forum

Consumer Password Hassles Linked to Lost Revenue

Online businesses are losing potential customers and substantial amounts of revenue because they’re dependent on traditional password systems and outdated customer authentication models, says a report released Tuesday by an access and identity management company. Lost customers and revenues are caused by password sharing and friction created at websites by onerous authentication procedures, according to

Cybersecurity Fears Trigger Migration From the Public Cloud

Cloud cybersecurity — or a lack of it — is feeding a frenzy of companies out of the public cloud. A similar concern about managing compliance obligations is keeping organizations from moving to the cloud in general. However, much of the growing concerns over cloud cybersecurity result from experiences with public and private cloud platforms.

Advance Strategies to Eliminate E-Commerce Chargebacks

What can we expect e-commerce to look like throughout 2021? There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the economy, but some strong trends emerged last year that merchants can build upon now as shoppers solidify new habits and preferences. For example, half of consumers who originally planned to return to their pre-pandemic in-store shopping routines

Young Adults, Seniors Over 75 Most Susceptible to Cyber Fraud: Report

The most vulnerable cybercrime victims are young adults and adults over 75, according to the latest research revealed in the LexisNexis Risk Solutions biannual Cybercrime Report. Released Feb. 23, the report tracks global cybercrime activity from July 2020 through December 2020. The report reveals how unprecedented global change in 2020 created new opportunities for cybercriminals

Successful Phishers Make Slim Gains in 2020

Despite an environment conducive to phishing scams, malicious actors achieved only a marginal increase in success in 2020, according to a report from cybersecurity company Proofpoint. Catastrophic events, like a pandemic, coupled with hasty technological change such as many people forced to work from home immediately, have been a rich environment in the past for

Silver Sparrow Malware Hatched on 30,000 Macs

Nearly 30,000 Macs in 153 countries have been infected with a new malware strain that security researchers are calling Silver Sparrow. Discovered by researchers at Red Canary, the malware has been sitting on it hosts waiting for a payload that never arrived. “Though we haven’t observed Silver Sparrow delivering additional malicious payloads yet, its forward-looking